NBA trade rumors: Several teams have asked Knicks about disgruntled Kristaps Porzingis

Several NBA teams called the Knicks about a possible trade for Kristaps Porzingis after he skipped an exit meeting with Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills, according to ESPN.

It’s still pretty sore, Lowry told reporters. I have to be able [to] play defense, run up and down, make cuts, and I think the making cuts part will be most important. Going straight forward will be OK.

Cory Joseph, who scored 22 points in 25 minutes in Game 2, likely would replace Lowry in the starting lineup if he’s unable to play.

Lowry’s ankle injury is unusual, noted, in that he turned it inward instead of rolling the ankle outward, more typical in basketball. Lowry described the sprain as high on his ankle but said it wasn’t a high ankle sprain.

This one is a little bit different, Lowry said. I want to be out there 100 percent with my teammates, playing and trying to win games, protecting home court. I wish I could be out there with my teammates. That’s the goal. The goal is just to play. I have to wait.

The Raptors trail in the series, 2-0, and badly need Lowry, who has averaged 20 points and eight assists in the series.

Yep. The Bucks dominated this one from the start and never looked back. Toronto was completely out of sync and had no answers the entire night. Dwane Casey’s squad can’t play with this kind of effort again, or this series won’t last long.

Turning point: Uh, at the tipoff? The Raptors shot 3 of 15 to start the game while the Bucks went 12 of 18. Toronto didn’t make a shot outside of the paint until the second quarter. Milwaukee held a 32-12 lead at the end of the first, and it got worse from there.

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Damian Lillard, Trail Blazers teammates donate $224K in playoff bonuses to team staffers

The Portland Trail Blazers’ season ended on a down note, as the Golden State Warriors swept them in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

But that short playoff run will pay dividends for many members of the Trail Blazers’ organization.

When Howard was told that he came up as flagged for not having insurance and a suspended registration, the Hawks big man seemed confused and insisted he had insurance, according to the police report. But Howard was unable to present an insurance card to the officer.

Howard was issued a citation for not having insurance and received a verbal warning for speeding, even though he was going 95 mph in a 65 mph zone.

His car, a 2016 Audi Rs7, was impounded. The Hawks declined comment about the incident.

They’re playing so much harder and with so much more passion than us right now, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said during his in-game interview with ESPN after the first quarter. We gotta get involved in this game, or this score’s gonna continue to grow.

The Clippers found an answer, trimming the Jazz lead down to single digits before halftime. Unfortunately for LA, the team had to do so without Blake Griffin, who injured his right big toe in the second quarter and did not return to the game. (The Clippers later announced Griffin will miss the rest of the playoffs.) So what do you do with one of your best players sidelined? You give the ball to Chris Paul, and you get the hell out of the way.

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Twitter roasts Tom Brady’s whiffed tackle on pick-six

The Patriots were sure feeling a bit deflated (yes, dated, we know) heading into the locker room during Super Bowl 51. It was Murphy’s Law on the field for New England, and no one probably felt more responsible than Tom Brady.

Brady threw a pick-six in the second quarter. He went for a tackle on the Falcons’ Robert Alford, and it went just about as well as you’d expect.

Owens’ pluses and supposed minuses won’t change by next February. Can a voter’s mind, or perception, or pulled-out-of-thin-air criteria, change by then — without flushing every claim to integrity down the toilet?

Seriously, it can’t, now that all this is out there in the open. All the information that was consciously chosen, or rejected, or ignored, or blown Authentic NFL Cheap Jerseys completely out of proportion. You don’t get to say a year later, “Well, actually …”

The Falcons quarterback, days away from playing in Super Bowl 51 against Tom Brady and the Patriots, was the No. 54 ranked quarterback in 247Sports’ 2003 rankings. Ryan’s name wasn’t even listed on Boston College’s press release highlighing the Golden Eagles’ 14 top recruits, per ESPN’s Vaughn McClure.

“I was a 170-pound, triple-option quarterback,” Ryan said. “So, yeah, I Rg3 Cheap Jerseys remember being like a three-star guy.”

The Browns have a litany of quarterback options, and none of them are great.

“I expected everything that you guys wrote,” Jackson said. “I watched everything you guys wrote about what he was and what he wasn’t. I mean, I heard it from everywhere, too. I think the guy, since he’s been here, he’s been outstanding. I think you guys know me. I don’t judge people by what everybody else says. I kind of judge them by what I see.

“But everybody has a reputation before them, so his was a little bit different. He’s not any of that that we saw here. The guy’s been outstanding in our building, and I think that’s what’s most important.”

The Browns have a litany of quarterback options, and none of them are great. It is assumed that Cody Kessler will start until this year’s second-round pick DeShone Kizer is groomed into the starting role. The team also has former Stanford star Kevin Hogan.

Osweiler has the most experience — little of it is good — out of those options. If he can show some arm strength and increased accuracy in training camp, the Browns may have found an unlikely steal to finally solidify their rotating door at quarterback.

Now there’s an issue of whether the league will punish the Patriots. As you may Cheap Eagles Jerseys have seen during this offseason with the Richard Sherman fiasco, it’s against league rules for teams to hide injuries. The question here is whether the Patriots noticed the concussion symptoms from Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys Brady, or whether the quarterback hid them from team doctors.

In any case, expect the Patriots to be surrounded in controversy (again) thanks to Bundchen’s admission.

Jay Cutler hire by Fox Sports is an affront to football fans

Say it ain’t so, Fox Sports. Jay Cutler? Come on.

This is just a late April Fools’ joke on your NFL audience, right? You can’t be serious about hiring such a dour, arrogant, unfriendly, unlikable, underachieving former player to be a color analyst on one of your top broadcast teams.

The most anti-media, anti-fan player the NFL has seen in years is now coming into our living rooms and sports bars via grim hi-def. That is unless a starting quarterback of a playoff team goes down with an injury before or during the 2017 season. Cutler has indicated he may leave Fox in the lurch and return to the field.

Fox and Cutler are telling us he has changed since being humbled by Bears fans and becoming a father. I don’t buy it, because I know too many coaches and players who did not like working with him.

I also had a negative experience with Cutler a couple years ago.

“My gun had been registered in Florida, where I had a house at the time, but the registration had expired,” Burress explains. “It wasn’t registered at all in New York. So my gun wasn’t as legal as I thought it was. Also, I didn’t know that there was a state law in New York that called for mandatory jail time for carrying a loaded handgun without a valid New York license.”

Burress uses his own ignorance as an example of how players can assume too much power. He wants young NFL stars to know they are “not more important than anybody else just Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys because (they) play in the NFL.”

Burress’ piece also touches on lessons he learned about trust and relationships. While not blaming the NFL, he details how the rookie symposium he attended left him helpless in terms of financial management.

The entry, published Monday in The Players’ Tribune, is worth a read in full. You can check it out here.

Rocket scientist Joshua Dobbs brings a rocket arm and brain to the Steelers

By drafting Joshua Dobbs with the 135th pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers now have a quarterback who can make plays with his arm and legs. He’s also a rocket scientist, majoring in aerospace engineering at Tennessee.

The 22-year-old signal caller has the tools to be solid in the NFL, but he needs time to develop. Even though Dobbs probably won’t come in right away and make a huge impact, the Steelers should be excited about this selection because of the ability the team has to begin to groom him.

Last season, his first as a full-time starter, the former Volunteer threw for 2,946 yards and 27 touchdowns while running for 831 yards and 12 touchdowns. Pittsburgh drafted a true dual-threat quarterback who is unafraid to take chances down the field and use his legs to gain yards.

Since making the decision to turn pro, the linebacker has been dedicated to training down in Pensacola, Florida, and getting his body healthy enough to compete. Despite being invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, Reeves-Maybin’s shoulder wasn’t completely healed, forcing him to sit out of drills.

A day before Tennessee’s pro day, Dr. James Andrews said in a letter that Reeves-Maybin was “fully cleared.” The linebacker said that he plans to participate in all of the drills except the bench press at his pro day on March 31.

Indeed! Pat Mahomes spent 11 years as a journeyman pitcher in MLB, having runs Cheap Jerseys Premier League with the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates. He hung up the cleats with a 42-39 record, 5.47 ERA, and 452 strikeouts in 709 career Cheap Jerseys Throwback innings.

Mel Kiper gets a B for telling every team how to get an A in his latest NFL mock draft

Kiper believes the Browns should draft Myles Garrett and Mitchell Trubisky. Both players have the potential to be franchise cornerstones. Jourdan Lewis and Josh Jones have the speed and athleticism to bolster Cleveland’s mediocre secondary, and Kareem Hunt can use his size and speed to wreak havoc out the backfield.

My runner-up pick was running back Alvin Kamara. It was a very tough choice but I also see some fine running back prospects left on the board. I’m thinking they could grab one in the third.

I feel like that with tight end O.J. Howard in the first round and then cornerback Tre’Davious White in the second, I have added some playmakers to the Panthers roster. Two pairs of reliable hands for Cam Newton to throw to, plus a dynamic player to return kicks.

Analysis: As mentioned above, this pick for me would have been a speed wide receiver or a running back. Although I do like the pick of Jones, it would have been hard for me to pass on Kamara of Tennessee. For the same reasons the Panthers seem poised to take Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey of Stanford, they should be comfortable with a player like Kamara in the second round. He’s a good all-around back who is comfortable split out as a receiver.

Clements knew Morgan had the potential to be a great left tackle Texas Rangers Cheap Jerseys years before he took the job at Kutztown. For the previous eight years, Clements was the head coach at Delaware Valley College and had tried to recruit Morgan while he was in high school.

When Clements arrived to Kutztown in 2014, he noticed Morgan’s work ethic right off the bat.

“He really was a sponge in regards to the game, you know,” Clements NHL Jerseys China told SB Nation. “The Xs and Os, the techniques, and the different tricks of the trade that would make him a better player game after game. And he really worked hard.

the Indianapolis Colts are hoping he can bolster a secondary that already added Malik Hooker in the first round.

I don’t like some of the brother-in-lawing I saw Robinson doing with Garrett a few times. But really, I’m going to be a lot more pissed at the defender than the offensive lineman in that scenario. The defender is supposed to be busting his ass, trying to get to the football. If Robinson sees that his guy is loafing or shutting it down, then hey, his job is done anyway.

To be honest, sometimes Robinson looked genuinely bored, because he knew those guys didn’t have a chance in hell of beating him straight up. And guess what, he was right!

Look, this kid has plenty of dog in him. Yeah, OK, he had a couple of loafs, but I also saw him finishing plays. And I also saw him step his game up against top competition. I don’t worry much about whether Robinson has the right mindset to dominate on the next level, when I see him giving Lawson the business on a play when Lawson has almost zero chance to be a factor anyway.

Now, the Indianapolis Colts are hoping he can bolster a secondary that already added Malik Hooker in the first round. Indianapolis selected the former Gator with the 46th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Wilson’s output improved in each of the three seasons he Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys spent in Gainesville, peaking with three interceptions last fall. Paired with Teez Tabor, Florida Cheap China NFL Jerseys had arguably the best set of cornerbacks in the country, undoubtedly the stingiest. The Gators allowed only eight passing touchdowns in 13 games en route to a 9-4 season.

What sets Quincy Wilson apart from a stacked class of defensive backs?

The NFL released the 2017 preseason schedule Monday

The specific NFL schedule release date typically is not known until a few days prior. But for 2017, the NFL hopes to release its regular-season schedule sometime between April 17 and April 21, according to ESPN.

In its report, ESPN noted there are “no guarantees (the schedule) can finish by then.” That’s because the league’s schedule-makers literally work all the way up to the deadline … even though, technically, no such deadline exists.

The NFL surely would prefer to release the 2017 regular-season schedule that week, as it’s the week before the NFL Draft, which begins Thursday, April 27.

The NFL released the 2017 preseason schedule Monday, April 10.

Westbrook supporters can point to him making history with numbers that we have always seen as spectacular, and say that he should win MVP because he did something that we have always considered good and difficult, and he did it for an entire season. And his team is only eight wins worse than when it had the second-best player in the league.

In order for supporters of the other MVP candidates to make a case for their choice, they have to minimize the triple-double. What was once great, no longer is. The Rockets tweeted a subliminal shot at Westbrook, suggesting that triple-doubles don’t matter compared to wins, even though they are the first to celebrate when Harden does get a triple-double.

The Mystics were one of the league’s better shooting teams in 2016, so adding Walker-Kimbrough could potentially make Washington the league’s best when it comes to perimeter shooting. After Cheap Volleyball Jerseys For Women leading the NCAA in three-point shooting percentage in 2015, Walker-Kimbrough scored 18.8 points Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys per game in 2016, shooting .450 from beyond the arc.

Scott Van Pelt casually completed a Maryland student fundraiser while playing golf

The University of Maryland’s sports radio station was facing a difficult position. It needed to raise $8,000 to increase their budget for coverage of Maryland away games for future student broadcasters, and with just over 24 hours to go they were $1,255 short of their goal. Then ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt came to the rescue in the most chill way possible.

“I think the direction with our team is that he would be better off somewhere else.” — Phil Jackson in New York Knicks end of season press conference
After all the tension within the Knicks this year, it is now clear that the Knicks will try to trade Anthony in the offseason. Anthony quickly responded on Instagram with a post that was surely directed to Phil Jackson’s comments.

The post was liked by several players, including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Blake Griffin. But perhaps most notable was Anthony’s teammate, Porzingis.

Porzingis is arguably the best thing the Knicks China Cheap Jerseys have going for them right now, and having your young star unhappy going into the offseason is never good. In fact, it’s really bad for the Knicks. Maybe they need to realize their problem is Phil Jackson.

Should Humphrey be gone, Ohio State’s Gareon Conley would be Cheap Yankees Jerseys another option. Humphrey is a player who can start right away and help upgrade a defense that allowed the most passing yards last season. Miami tight end David Njoku is another possibility as the Saints need to upgrade there and get Drew Brees another weapon.