Cleveland police: Cavs game will be ‘safe’ despite shooting suspect on the run

Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said fans attending Monday night’s Cavaliers playoff game against the Pacers will be safe.

The city has been on edge since Sunday afternoon when a man identified as Steve Stephens, shot and killed Robert Godwin, a passerby who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stephens then uploaded video of the killing to Facebook, where he warned he had killed several others. Police have only verified one killing.

But with the Rockets and Thunder facing off the the first round of the NBA playoffs, Westbrook made it clear that his friendship with Harden will be nonexistent on the court.

When I get on the floor, I got one friend, and that’s the basketball, Westbrook said, via ESPN. I’ve been like that since I was a little kid. My dad told me that when I was younger, ‘You got one friend and your friend is Spalding. At the time maybe it was Wilson or some other s—.’

Whatever the ball is, that’s who my friend is.

Even though they pitted against each other in the MVP race this season, Harden maintains he will always have a solid friendship with Westbrook.

Since 10 years old. That’s never gonna change, Harden said at the Rockets’ shootaround Sunday morning.

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Magic Johnson should steer clear of Paul George in search for next Lakers superstar

It didn’t take long for Magic Johnson to come to the realization that what he’s got in Laker-land isn’t enough to challenge for an NBA title. Anybody can see what he’s up against.

D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle aren’t going to take the Lakers where Magic wants them to go. Who knows if any of the three will turn into so much as All-Stars, at this stage? What everyone can see, including the Lakers legend now running the show, is that none is going to be that transcendent superstar that can carry the franchise and turn it into a championship contender. There’s no Magic or Kobe in this group.

Pachulia admits that he didn’t handle those early weeks the right way. You’ve heard plenty of athletes shrug off the notion of outside noise by saying they don’t read the paper or check the media. Not Pachulia. He was on the internet. He read the negative stuff. He listened to the chatter. It was hard on him.

In the beginning, I was reading a lot, my ears were kind of open and hearing a lot, Pachulia said. I think that was not the right thing for me to do. It was affecting me in a negative way after I was reading so much of these critics. But I am thankful to my coaches for telling me and reminding me not to listen to that stuff. The most important thing for me is to listen to my coaches and my teammates, are they comfortable with me being part of this team? They were, and that’s what motivated me, changed my approach.

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LeBron James is still very good at chase-down blocks, destroys Thad Young’s soul

We’ve seen those screens used for Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard in the past. Even though Paul didn’t shoot as many pull-up 3-pointers as them on the season, he made 39.1 percent of those opportunities. Of the 27 players who attempted at least 2.0 pull-up 3-pointers per game this season, only Kyle Lowry (42.1 percent), Eric Gordon (40.5 percent) and CJ McCollum (42.9 percent) made then at a higher rate . If Paul looks for his shot more than he does in the regular season, it could crack one of the best defenses — and one of the best defenders — in the NBA.

Westbrook is a one-man wrecking crew in transition. He led the NBA this season with 6.8 transition opportunities per game, and he turned those opportunities into 6.7 transition points per game. It made up for 20.2 percent of his offense in total, which played a big role in the Thunder scoring more points than all but five teams on the fast break: Wizards, Cavaliers, Rockets, Suns and Warriors.

LeBron James doesn’t simply let fast breaks happen without trying to swallow them whole.

Just like he did in Game 7 of the NBA Finals last year, James completely evaporated a Pacers’ fast break Sunday, swatting Thad Young from behind to prevent a score in Game 4 of the Cavaliers’ first-round series against Indiana.

Why do people still think they can finish a fast break anywhere close to LeBron’s vicinity? King James is a worldeater on fast-break defense.

At this point, I wouldn’t even feel comfortable with a five-on-one if LeBron was the one.

Anyway, it’s always a good time when LeBron reminds everyone just how insanely good, strong and athletic he is despite being 32 years old.

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Damian Lillard, Trail Blazers teammates donate $224K in playoff bonuses to team staffers

The Portland Trail Blazers’ season ended on a down note, as the Golden State Warriors swept them in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

But that short playoff run will pay dividends for many members of the Trail Blazers’ organization.

When Howard was told that he came up as flagged for not having insurance and a suspended registration, the Hawks big man seemed confused and insisted he had insurance, according to the police report. But Howard was unable to present an insurance card to the officer.

Howard was issued a citation for not having insurance and received a verbal warning for speeding, even though he was going 95 mph in a 65 mph zone.

His car, a 2016 Audi Rs7, was impounded. The Hawks declined comment about the incident.

They’re playing so much harder and with so much more passion than us right now, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said during his in-game interview with ESPN after the first quarter. We gotta get involved in this game, or this score’s gonna continue to grow.

The Clippers found an answer, trimming the Jazz lead down to single digits before halftime. Unfortunately for LA, the team had to do so without Blake Griffin, who injured his right big toe in the second quarter and did not return to the game. (The Clippers later announced Griffin will miss the rest of the playoffs.) So what do you do with one of your best players sidelined? You give the ball to Chris Paul, and you get the hell out of the way.

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the Royals’ Eric Hosmer overtook Yonder Alonso of the A’s at first base

Nothing is guaranteed this year, still, even with this haul. Lightning could strike along the way. It would have to be literal lightning, though, because this is the team that won it all after four games without Tom Brady, and 11 (including the postseason) without Rob Gronkowki.

These guys looked Super in March, and they look even more Super in Cheap Jerseys Coupon Code June. It could be all over long before February. But, is this “bad” for the league?

While rookies Yankees slugger Aaron Judge continues to lead all AL vote-getters, the Astros double-play combo of second baseman Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa continue to lead at their positions, while Houston outfielder George Springer holds down the third outfield spot, 175,697 votes ahead of the Indians’ Michael Brantley.

In the only change from last week, the Royals’ Eric Hosmer overtook Yonder Alonso of the A’s at first base, the most closely contested position as time winds down. Hosmer holds just over a 40,000-vote edge on Alonso.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to catch a fly ball with one hand and dropping the ball. Well, maybe one thing is just as embarrassing. Just ask Khris Davis.

Red Sox (38-30) at Astros (46-23), 8:15 p.m. ET — The Red Sox Cheap Jerseys Kids and the Astros will face off in the rubber match of their series Sunday night on ESPN. David Price will try to stifle an Astros offense that scored six runs in the first three innings of a 7-1 win Saturday night. In the meantime Joe Musgrove will have his hands full with a Red Sox lineup that is more than capable of putting up crooked numbers early.

Jake Arrieta once again fails to get out of fifth inning in Cubs loss

Jake Arrieta’s mechanics have been spotty at best this season. While it may be no excuse that his thumb hurts at the moment, the Cubs need to seriously figure out how to Cheap Islanders Jerseys fix their ace’s throwing motion if they want to make another run in the postseason.

If he wants to keep playing baseball and have a chance at moving up, we have one suggestion. Quit this whole outfielder thing. It’s time to devote yourself to pitching, but not just any pitching: It’s time for Tim Tebow to become a knuckleballer.

You might ask: What evidence is there that Tebow can throw a knuckler, the most unpredictable pitch there is? And I would counter: Have you ever seen Tim Tebow throw a football?

Instead, Colby Woodmansee — who started the inning by drawing a walk — came up for the second time in the frame. He saw three pitches, all strikes, and was sent back to the dugout without swinging at any of them. The game was over. Tebow didn’t get the chance to play hero in the state where playing hero was his bread-and-butter back in his college days with the Florida Gators. The fans’ request was not granted.

Well, the request was not granted on that day.

Big-picture, though? The Mets are clearly operating with a fan-oriented set of priorities when it comes to Tebow. Fans can’t get enough of Tebow the baseball player, a truth that’s evident when you look at attendance figures for the Fireflies and the other teams in the South Atlantic League who have benefited Cheap Jerseys Baseball from the Tebow bump.

you just need to swap with your friends

“To me it’s about quality and not the quantity,” Marshall explained. “I wouldn’t say I have the most jerseys, but I think my lineup is a hall-of-fame lineup. I have great guys like Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, Randy Moss, Adam Vinatieri, got some kickers in Cheap Germany Soccer Jerseys there, some linemen, Joe Thomas. Then I got some great teammates; Jason Taylor, Ricky Williams, Rod Smith … I can go on and on and on. So I got a little mix of everything. I also collect any UCF guys who made it to the league, I collect their jerseys.”

According to Marshall — and most players would agree — there are rules to the jersey-swapping game in the NFL. Currency is earned, as only established players should be able to ask for jerseys.

“I feel like if you’re not ballin’, you just need to swap with your friends,” Marshall said.

Sheldon Richardson flips a table and punches Quincy Enunwa after being charged $1,200 to stay at Marvin Gardens? Looks like he’ll miss a chunk of the season. An errant Christian Hackenberg roll flies over the table and inadvertently hits Jamal Adams in the eye? Better send him to the IR, just in case. Leonard Williams‘ insistence on buying all the railroads sends Matt Forte into a fury-induced Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada early retirement? That’s gonna leave New York real thin at tailback.

Monopoly would turn the New York locker room into the seventh circle of hell, but it would also give head coach Todd Bowles the losing season he’s destined for with the kind of caveats that could save his job and present a brighter 2018. After all, the game was enough to tear apart the Soprano family, and the Jets are nowhere near as successful. — Christian D’Andrea

NBA Draft 2017 winners and losers: T-wolves fleece Bulls for Jimmy Butler, Lakers looking up

It’s never too early to dissect the new crop of NBA rookies.

With the 2017 NBA Draft coming to a close, plenty Cheap Jerseys Custom of discussion topics emerged around the league.

Nolan Arenado hasn’t quite matched his production from the past few seasons, but even his “struggles” are better than most. Charlie Blackmon is once again putting together an impressive campaign. He’s on pace to set career highs in BA, HR, and RBI. Perhaps the biggest boost to Colorado’s lineup has been the bat of Mark Reynolds. He’s gone from an afterthought prior to the season to one of the team’s most productive hitters (.300/.382/561). Ian Desmond and Trevor Story haven’t lived up to expectations yet, but if they elevate their play in the coming months that would give Colorado a daunting lineup.

Solid offensive production is expected in Colorado, but little is ever expected of the team’s starting pitching. Jon Gray was likely to provide solid innings if he was healthy, but outside of his spot there were plenty of question marks. Three rookies (Kyle Freeland, Antonio Senzatela, and German Marquez) have more than answered those questions, and they’ve provided the Rockies with surprising performances up to this point. Freeland has been the most impressive member of that group. He’s gone 7-4 with a 3.57 ERA over 13 starts.

Not only has the rotation been productive, but the Rockies are benefiting from a much-improved bullpen. Colorado rolled the dice on Greg Holland prior to the season, and he’s responded by providing 23 saves with a 1.09 ERA. Jake McGee, Adam Ottavino, and Chris Rusin are also worthy of attention as dependable late-inning options for the Rockies.