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Brandon Weeden will start for the Cleveland Browns in Week 8 against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports. Weeden struggled mightily in Week 7 against the Green Bay Packers, enough so that head coach Rod Chudzinski considered benching him in favor of Jason Campbell, according to Mary Kay Cabot at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

I don’t really like to drop teams on a bye week, but the three squads Cheap NFL Jerseys above this one had an impressive run this week. Does last week’s loss to the Patriots mean more now in the wake of New England’s loss to the Jets? No, it just means that Saints fans better hope Sean Payton and his staff spent the downtime reviewing how they handled the last six minutes differently than the Jets did.

Brady and a drop-prone offense isn’t the Pats’ biggest problem. A defense without Jerod Mayo, Vince Wilfork and Aqib Talib is nothing more than a league-average unit, at best.

Dallas versus Philadelphia had the makings of a shootout. Vegas agreed, assigning that the game the highest O/U last week at 55. They scored a total of 20 points, only two more than the total number of punts we saw in yet another NFC East stinker.

The win gave Dallas a leg up in the division race, and they still look like the easy pick to get the NFC East’s default playoff slot. Enjoy it. Next year, the Cowboys are facing a massive cap purge. Adam Schefter reported Jerry Jones’ team to be roughly $31 million over the limit for 2014.

And when nobody was open of course Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys ┬áLions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw it away rather than eat it and … milk the clock.

That and a crappy 28-yard punt resulted in the Bengals getting the ball at their own 49-yard line with 26 seconds left and a timeout. They go down and kick a field goal to win the game as time expires and most people are probably blaming the punter or the defense.

No sir, not me. That loss is totally on Jim Schwartz.

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