The NFL released the 2017 preseason schedule Monday

The specific NFL schedule release date typically is not known until a few days prior. But for 2017, the NFL hopes to release its regular-season schedule sometime between April 17 and April 21, according to ESPN.

In its report, ESPN noted there are “no guarantees (the schedule) can finish by then.” That’s because the league’s schedule-makers literally work all the way up to the deadline … even though, technically, no such deadline exists.

The NFL surely would prefer to release the 2017 regular-season schedule that week, as it’s the week before the NFL Draft, which begins Thursday, April 27.

The NFL released the 2017 preseason schedule Monday, April 10.

Westbrook supporters can point to him making history with numbers that we have always seen as spectacular, and say that he should win MVP because he did something that we have always considered good and difficult, and he did it for an entire season. And his team is only eight wins worse than when it had the second-best player in the league.

In order for supporters of the other MVP candidates to make a case for their choice, they have to minimize the triple-double. What was once great, no longer is. The Rockets tweeted a subliminal shot at Westbrook, suggesting that triple-doubles don’t matter compared to wins, even though they are the first to celebrate when Harden does get a triple-double.

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