Adam Vinatieri ‘begging’ Pat McAfee to reconsider retirement, return to Colts

Indianapolis Colts fans aren’t the only ones hoping Pat McAfee changes his mind about retirement.

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri admits he continues to ask his close friend and ex-teammate to reconsider last month’s decision to walk away from football at age 29 despite being one of the NFL’s top punters.

Vinatieri’s most recent pitch came Tuesday during a telephone conversation.

“I’m still begging him to come back,” Vinatieri said.

Garrett’s appetite for the NFL was whet at Super Bowl 51 when he traveled to Houston for pre-game festivities. One of the events he attended was a luncheon featuring Pro Football Hall of Fame members.

“That’s something I could tell my kids (about),” he said.

Regardless of where he’s selected, Garrett may someday get his own gold jacket if he lives up to all the draft hype.

“Getting picked No. 1, that shows you did something back in college,” Garrett said. “But after that, your resume is completely clean. You have to write it and mold it all over again. It starts with that first practice, that first drill you step in.

“You have to make sure everybody knows who you are because Nike NFL Jerseys Supply they’re not going to go by what you did before. It’s who you are now — the legacy you’re going to make for Packers Cheap Jerseys yourself on this level.”

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