Jake Arrieta once again fails to get out of fifth inning in Cubs loss

Jake Arrieta’s mechanics have been spotty at best this season. While it may be no excuse that his thumb hurts at the moment, the Cubs need to seriously figure out how to Cheap Islanders Jerseys fix their ace’s throwing motion if they want to make another run in the postseason.

If he wants to keep playing baseball and have a chance at moving up, we have one suggestion. Quit this whole outfielder thing. It’s time to devote yourself to pitching, but not just any pitching: It’s time for Tim Tebow to become a knuckleballer.

You might ask: What evidence is there that Tebow can throw a knuckler, the most unpredictable pitch there is? And I would counter: Have you ever seen Tim Tebow throw a football?

Instead, Colby Woodmansee — who started the inning by drawing a walk — came up for the second time in the frame. He saw three pitches, all strikes, and was sent back to the dugout without swinging at any of them. The game was over. Tebow didn’t get the chance to play hero in the state where playing hero was his bread-and-butter back in his college days with the Florida Gators. The fans’ request was not granted.

Well, the request was not granted on that day.

Big-picture, though? The Mets are clearly operating with a fan-oriented set of priorities when it comes to Tebow. Fans can’t get enough of Tebow the baseball player, a truth that’s evident when you look at attendance figures for the Fireflies and the other teams in the South Atlantic League who have benefited Cheap Jerseys Baseball from the Tebow bump.

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Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of Yankees legend and baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. In honor of the anniversary, MLB Network is airing a special: "MLB Network Presents - 56: The Streak"

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