Charles Barkley says Draymond Green wouldn’t have been able to do this against him

Warriors forward Draymond Green says he’s not the modern version of Charles Barkley. Conversely, Sir Charles sure doesn’t think he’s the ’80s version of Green.

Monday night on TNT’s Inside the NBA, the conversation got around to the Green-Barkley comp that Green pooh-poohed Sunday. Barkley did not disappoint.

Three of the Spurs’ most used lineups in this series have pulled down at least 33.3 percent of available offensive rebounds, according to, which would’ve led the NBA in the regular season by a significant margin. They’ve also had success on the glass when playing only one big as opposed to two. With Aldridge on the court surrounded by four wings, for example, the Spurs have a rebounding rate of 25.0 percent or better — again, a number comparable to the best offensive rebounding teams during the regular season.

It was a big factor in Game 5, when the Spurs recorded a pair of offensive rebounds in overtime even though they had the much smaller Jonathon Simmons playing power forward.

That’s one of the downsides for the Rockets of playing smaller lineups. When the Rockets are making 3-pointers at a decent rate, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them. But when they make 26.1 percent of their 3-pointers like they did in the second half of Game 5, it gives teams like the Spurs an opportunity to exploit their weaknesses. As cliche as it may be to say the NBA is a make-or-miss league, it’s more applicable to the Rockets than most teams.

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