Bulls’ Dwyane Wade forgot to play defense against Celtics

Just ask Harden, who had some of his worst games this season against the Warriors.

Lillard has had some success against the Warriors in the past, though, like when he scored 51 points against them with nine 3-pointers during the 2015-16 season. He followed it up by dropping 40 points against them in Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals, although he struggled in the four games the Blazers lost. If Jusuf Nurkic can return to the lineup at full health and be the sort of inside presence the Warriors have had issues against in the past, he could help create the space Lillard and McCollum desperately need to get going from 3-point range.

It might not be enough to upset the Warriors either way, but it could make for a more competitive series.

Dwyane Wade was really not feeling it on the defensive end in the Chicago Bulls’ playoff game against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night.

Isaiah Thomas swung the ball out to Kelly Olynyk on the 3-point arc and there was absolutely nobody in sight of the center. That was largely because Wade just stared at him from a distance.

If that wasn’t enough, Olynyk missed the shot and Avery Bradley put the ball back with one hand for the score. Wade was still watching.

That’s not going to get the job done in this series. Then again, did we think the Bulls would even make it this far?

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