Dahntay Jones lost two-thirds of his salary, so LeBron James will help out

LeBron James has plenty of money, but he’s tired of spending it on Dahntay Jones.

The reports — which surfaced Tuesday — said Roy was hit by random gunfire Saturday outside his grandmother’s home in Compton, Calif.

Asked in a follow-up email whether he had spoken to Roy since Saturday, Barnett wrote, Yes. He’s informed me he’s completely fine.

Barnett’s claim is similar to assertions tweeted by teammates P.J. Fuller and MarJon Beauchamp, although their tweets have since been deleted.

Roy coached Seattle’s Nathan Hale to an undefeated season and state title this year.

Nathan Hale athletic director Darby Haskins referred Times inquiries about the reported shooting to the school system, and a Seattle Public Schools communications specialist on Wednesday said: We are aware of the rumors and speculations, and we’re looking into it.

The Times has been unable to reach Roy for comment.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s office on Wednesday confirmed that the man named Brandon Roy wounded over the weekend in Compton appears to be the former NBA player but added, There’s no way we can confirm that because we don’t ask those questions.

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