Hockey player uses stick to ‘shoot’ White Sox’s ceremonial first pitch

Hockey players, over the years, have thrown out many first pitches for baseball teams. Both Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews have done so over the last year, to varying degrees of success. Only a fair few hockey players have, however, used a hockey stick to deliver a first pitch.

It’s as if the baseball gods want to make sure absolutely no happiness comes out of the Mets pitching staff this season, no matter what.

DeGrom had been putting together quite the gem too, with nine strikeouts, zero walks, and only four hits through six-and-two-thirds innings on the mound.

We will update this post with any further injury updates on the Mets ace should things be worse than they appear, but as of now it looks like it’ll just be a bruise and some pain for a few days — nothing more.

Matt Ehalt of North Jersey News reports that deGrom’s X-rays were negative and that he only has a right triceps contusion. Breathe easy, Mets fans.

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Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of Yankees legend and baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. In honor of the anniversary, MLB Network is airing a special: "MLB Network Presents - 56: The Streak"

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