Shump is a lock down defender on the perimeter and this team needs that.

We needed someone to run the team at point guard and we thought Johnson was the type of young player we could build around. He’s not a traditional, pass-first guard but he can score the ball. He has improved every year in the league and we’re hoping that trend continues.
Virginia Beach: Tim Hardaway Jr. – New York Knicks

One word: defense. Shump is a lock down defender on the perimeter and this team needs that. We’re surrounding him with shooters so we don’t need him to score a lot, but he can hit the occasional corner three when called upon.

These players become restricted free agents in 2018 if no extension is reached by the end of October, and 2018 looks like a buyers’ market. Cap space is going to be fairly limited across the league. Even 2017 restricted free agents have gotten some raw deals — Nerlens Noel is still waiting on an offer.

If any eligible player is going to get an extension, it might be 2014 No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins. He’s a workhorse on a rising club who isn’t quite a star, but has shown signs that the ability is in there. Wiggins is exactly the kind of player teams should want to lock into fat extensions. The problem is, he wants more.

Reports suggest that Wiggins believes he is worthy of the max contract — roughly $150 million over five years — and doesn’t intend to take less. That’s a huge chunk of the Timberwolves’ cap sheet for half a decade, especially given that Minnesota doesn’t yet know just how good it will be or how Wiggins will fit with Jimmy Butler.

Given the expected tight market in 2018 and the low risk of losing Wiggins in the immediate term over sour negotiations, the Timberwolves have the benefit of time. But in the end, should Wiggins be a max player for Minnesota? Let’s Real Cheap Jerseys look at Plain Cheap Jerseys everything that goes into that question.

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