If Von Miller were in charge, Johnny Manziel would already be on Broncos

The “can’t win a playoff game” narrative isn’t some fictional creation. Lewis is 0-7 in 13 years with the Bengals, including five straight losses in the Bengals’ opening round.

But it’s worth noting the Bengals didn’t go to the playoffs for 13 straight years before Lewis arrived — the last time Cincy made the playoffs before Lewis’ arrival was in 1990. They were the laughingstock of the NFL during the ’90s, the modern-day Browns before the Browns returned.

Speaking at what appears to be an A&M event, Miller said if he could make the call he’d have Manziel on the Broncos right now.

There’s a big “but” there.

And it involves John Elway, who has done an effectively superb job of analyzing the quarterback market so far. He rooted out the Tim Tebow problem in Denver, brought in Peyton Manning, managed to nearly coax a Super Bowl out of Manning when he played well and actually got Manning to win a Super Bowl when he wasn’t.

You may want to make sure to use a washable red marker though, you know, just in case this Clausen thing doesn’t work out for the Bears.

If you’d rather not be seen in a Clausen jersey — and I wouldn’t blame you — then you have another option: Kevin Butler. The former Bears kicker (1985-95) was also No. 6 and his name is ridiculously close to Cutler’s.

If you want my two cents: Go with Butler. It will give you an excuse to talk about the 1985 Bears all day.

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