Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre’s fake feud never gets old

When Beltre signed with the Rangers, he was coming off a stint in Boston where wide swaths of people seemed to really notice him for the first time. It’s not like he wasn’t a good player during his decade-plus in Los Angeles and Seattle, but it wasn’t the same national Beltre experience as fans know now.

So in going to the Rangers, not only were his antics known and recognized, but he found a partner in crime to share his goofs with and we couldn’t be happier this happened.

Elvis Andrus and Beltre have more fun messing with each other on the field than possibly any other combination of players in the league. Even when they look mad at each other, you can tell it’s in a love way like people who have been friends since childhood.

It might happen during a huddle on the mound or a break during an inning, but the best moments between these two are when they goof off while in the process of making plays. I mean, just look at these two and try not to crack a smile.

While there are baseball friendships all across the league, there isn’t one as present on the diamond as this one. Nor one that adds to the entertainment of the game in quite the same way:

At this point, many people know about Adrian Beltre and Felix Hernandez’s friendship. They’ve been nigh inseparable since they were Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys teammates in Cheap MLB Jerseys Seattle, and the fun didn’t stop once Beltre left the Pacific Northwest for other markets.

The Cardinals hit a comeback grand slam right after a rally kitten appeared on the field

Setting the scene, as it were: The St. Louis Cardinals are down 5-4 in the sixth inning at home. Suddenly, a rally cat appears on the field. Except it’s even better than a rally cat because it’s a tiny, adorable, RALLY KITTEN.

It’s just trying to get important Rally Kitten business done, man! Why are you crushing it’s dreams?

But after only a few moments on the field, the Rally Kitten magic was enough to make an impact on the Cardinals, as immediately after it went back to whence it came the Cards jacked a grand slam to go ahead in the game 8-5.

Aaron Judge hit homers on his first three swings and then four in five swings and also already got the 30-second bonus for distance and hit another two homers before I finished this sentence.

It’s a battle between potential Rookie of the Year winners, as Cody Bellinger takes on Aaron Judge in the semifinals for the right to face Sano in the finals.

By the way, Aaron Judge’s first-round homers were visualized in a chart, and that chart… is good. Meanwhile, Cody Bellinger has eight homers with 1:20 to Cheap MLB Jerseys go, but he has yet to hit a single 440 foot homer that will earn him Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Kids the bonus time he might very well need against Judge.

He’d finish with a dozen and no bonus time, and now it’s Judge’s turn to earn a shot at Sano.