7 LeBron James trade ideas for the most untradeable player of all time

During a quiet moment on a nondescript offseason night, NBA finals MVP Kevin Durant and advertising-copywriter-turned-moderately-successful-rapper NFL Cheap Jerseys Nike Lil’ Dicky engaged in a casual conversation about the Cavaliers possibly trading LeBron James. It was civil, sincere, and engaging; a total rarity for Twitter.

The conversation was topical in that LeBron is a free-agent-to-be who’s reportedly frustrated with the Cavaliers’ dysfunction. It was also a complete fantasy because LeBron James cannot be traded — legally because he has a no-trade clause and functionally because no team would ever trade LeBron freakin’ James.

Still, it got us thinking: What if the Cavaliers actually could trade LeBron and decided they needed to do so? What could possibly be fair value for the greatest basketball player of this generation?

The biggest question in all of this is how good a Butler-Towns-Wiggins-Teague team can be in the Western Conference. Some analysts are suggesting a low-end playoff berth is in the cards. Some are predicting an even better result.

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle: the Wolves don’t quite have the depth to hit 55 wins, but this isn’t merely a .500 team with Butler and the ascendant Towns. Given health and a reasonably smooth transition for Butler — who has the benefit of linking up with the coach under whom he found his stardom — the Wolves should find themselves in the 45- to 48-win range.

In terms of the salary cap sheet, the Wolves are already in a sticky situation. A max contract for Wiggins would put the 2018-19 Wolves near the expected luxury tax threshold without accounting for Nemanja Bjelica, who will be a Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap restricted free agent in 2018.