Patriots vs. Falcons position breakdown, comparison

The Patriots and Falcons have MVP-caliber quarterbacks, but what about the rest of the rosters?

Whichever team wins Super Bowl 51, it won’t be on the merits of Premier League Cheap Jerseys the quarterbacks alone.

Brian Billick found himself in a similar situation during the 2000 season while with the Ravens. Although he landed the coaching position based largely on his work as an offensive coordinator with the Vikings, the Ravens fielded a group that at one point scored only 15 points during a three-game stretch.

Ultimately, Baltimore got enough offensive punch and quality special teams play to complement one of the greatest defenses in NFL history. But even with the dominance of that latter unit, Billick admits the Ravens never would have won Super Bowl 35 if the entire roster hadn’t stayed unified.

Billick lauded OBrien for keeping the Texans in lockstep, despite the struggles Houstons offense has experienced under new starting quarterback Brock Osweiler.

(OBrien) has done a great job because that can tear a team apart,Billick said. It depends on the veteran status of your team. How they held together for us, it was Shannon Sharpe, Trent Dilfer and Jonathan Ogden teaming with the defensive guys led by Ray Lewis.

They werent going to allow that to happen. Thats hard. Remember now we lost Soccer Cheap Jerseys four out of five games in our championship run where we didnt score an offensive touchdown. You talk about the ability to tear a team apart, but it didnt. It hasnt happened for Houston.